We understand how hard RLS is to live with – the disrupted sleep, the anxiety, and the despair.

Relaxis was invented by a doctor who wanted a better solution to treat his own RLS.

Over 90% of patients experience relief with Relaxis.*

Unfortunately, new prescriptions for Relaxis
are no longer being filled.

After 10 years of working with the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency has decided
to ignore the results of the two clinical studies and FDA clearance for Relaxis.

Rather than providing coverage for this important technology, CMS has classified Relaxis as a “pleasure device.”
According to CMS, anything that vibrates is a “pleasure device,” and as such, is not eligible for coverage.

Because the underlying technology behind Relaxis is vibration, CMS refuses to provide coverage for this important
therapeutic technology, despite the documented clinical evidence and urgent patient need.

Due to CMS’ decision, it is no longer feasible to continue offering Relaxis.

If you already have a Relaxis system and need a replacement
power supply or new cover for your device, please contact:

Advanced Medical Home Care Supplies (AHMS)
Mike Hanlon, President
Phone: (610) 524-1510


 *This data does not include patients who are averse to vibration (about 15%). Relaxis is not appropriate for patients who dislike the sensation of vibration.