Welcome to Relaxis, the only FDA-cleared, non-medication solution for treating symptoms of primary Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).


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Why Choose Relaxis?

Relaxis is proven through two clinical studies to improve quality of sleep in patients with primary RLS. It’s available with a doctor’s prescription. Learn more about the benefits of Relaxis and how it works.

How Relaxis Works

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You deserve better sleep. Relaxis is a non-invasive treatment that you only use when you need to. Relaxis is a one-time investment in your health, and we want you to be able to try it yourself first.

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Talk to your doctor. Download valuable information about Relaxis here to take to your next appointment or share with a friend or loved one. We’ll also be happy to mail or email the information to you.

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Relaxis is clinically proven to improve quality of sleep in patients with primary Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

What People Are Saying About Relaxis

“My life centered around my RLS and my legs.  Since Relaxis, I am a new person.  I feel wonderful. With Relaxis, I am getting relief.”

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“I didn’t want to take any pills; I didn’t want to deal with that.  I was ready to try anything to feel better… over-the-counter pain medication, hot pads and home remedies, but nothing brought relief until Relaxis.”

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“When you tell people you have restless legs, they don’t understand… it’s an intolerable sensation that can drive you insane. But Relaxis has given me my life back.”

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(since starting Relaxis), “I haven’t had a full-blown RLS attack in months… using Relaxis is very relaxing… for me, it overrides the pain of RLS. So when I’m using Relaxis, it actually feels good to my legs.”

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Questions? Talk to Relaxis Customer Service.

Call (toll-free) 888-475-7435 or email CustomerService@MyRelaxis.com.
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