If you struggle with Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), welcome to Relaxis.

Restless legs vibrating pad

Relaxis is a clinically proven, FDA-cleared, non-drug solution for treating primary RLS symptoms.

We understand how hard it is to live with RLS – the disrupted sleep, the anxiety, and the despair.

Relaxis was invented by a doctor who wanted a better solution to treat his own RLS.

Over 90% of patients experience relief with Relaxis.*

See if it’s the right solution for you.

FSA/HSA Eligible.


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Relaxis is available for as low as $50/month. Call us at (888) 475-7435 to learn more.

Why Choose Relaxis?

Two clinical studies have proven that Relaxis improves quality of sleep in primary RLS patients.

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Relaxis is available only with a doctor’s prescription. Download materials here to review and take to your next appointment.

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A Safe Option

Concerned about costs & possible side effects of your RLS meds? Relaxis is a one-time investment that you can try risk-free for yourself.
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*This data does not include patients who are averse to vibration (about 10%). Relaxis is not appropriate for patients who dislike the sensation of vibration.