Vibratory counterstimulation is an established medical practice for helping people treat pain and discomfort. When therapeutic vibration is applied to an area where someone is experiencing pain, their perception of that pain diminishes.

Every time you move or get out of bed to relieve your RLS symptoms, you are creating counterstimulation. The problem is that it requires conscious thought and physical movement, which keeps you awake. Relaxis presents a new solution by providing that vibratory counterstimulation for you, so you can rest.

When Relaxis is activated, the vibration interrupts your RLS episode by overwhelming the restless legs. The nerves in your legs are stimulated by Relaxis’ vibration, which sends sensory feedback to your brain and “breaks” an RLS episode, then calms and relieves your symptoms. The vibratory counterstimulation is similar to if you were moving your legs on your own. The difference is that you can remain lying down; Relaxis does all the work. After 30 minutes, Relaxis gradually ramps down and then shuts off on its own as you continue resting.

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