Over 90% of patients experience relief with Relaxis.* Here’s what they say in their own words:

“I wanted to try Relaxis because I wanted to reduce the medications I was taking to fight off RLS attacks, and I thought if I could get the same results without taking the medications and their side effects, that would be a success. I am a new person. I feel wonderful. Relaxis has given me my life back. I don’t have that feeling of anxiety about my Restless Legs any more, and I haven’t cried about my RLS in a long time. With Relaxis, I am getting relief. Relief. And I’m so grateful to the company for making this device.”

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“Relaxis has changed the way I consider sleeping – from a fear of ‘I hope I don’t spend the night kicking/disturbing my husband’ and anxiously remaining awake, to looking forward to going to bed for a good night’s sleep.”

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“Relaxis has been a lifesaver for my RLS and has really enhanced the quality of my life. Today, I can fly for work. I can go to a movie, or sit on the couch and watch a TV show with my husband – things I could never do before without feeling the discomfort of my RLS.  It’s been great. People need to know there’s an alternate way to treat RLS – you don’t need to take medication. You can treat it with Relaxis, which is a non-medication device. It works. With Relaxis, you really can get help for RLS without drugs.”

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*This data does not include patients who are averse to vibration (about 15%). Relaxis is not appropriate for patients who dislike the sensation of vibration.

**Note: Testimonials are based on the experiences of individual patients and may not be typical.