For Mindi T., dealing with her Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) symptoms was a race against the clock — every night.  Making herself fall asleep early enough before the attacks started was the only way she avoided nightly discomfort.

“It was like clockwork.  Every night before 9 or 10 pm, my legs would be jumpy and I’d get pains. I’d need to keep stretching and moving them,” she recalls.  “My husband would say, ‘Stop fidgeting.’  But moving was the only thing that made me feel better.”

Mindi first started experiencing RLS symptoms years ago, but in the last five years, “RLS started taking over my life,” with the uncomfortable feelings in her legs – and occasionally in her arms – becoming a nightly event.

“My RLS was debilitating. I’d dread going to sleep or going to a movie. I’d have to leave the theatre, because it’s distracting to others when you’re constantly moving your legs back and forth,” she explains. Traveling for work became tortuous because she couldn’t sit comfortably in airplanes for any length of time.  “Airplanes were horrible because I needed to move around and that wasn’t allowed,” she says.

Mindi was adamant about not taking drugs, so she suffered with her RLS symptoms for hours every night before she could sleep.

“I didn’t want to take any pills, especially anything that could affect my central nervous system; I didn’t want to deal with that,” she says.  Instead, she tried over-the-counter pain medication, hot pads and other “home remedies,” but nothing brought relief – until she learned about the Relaxis pad from a friend who knew about her RLS.  “I was ready to try anything to feel better,” she says.

After a few times using Relaxis, Mindi noticed her RLS symptoms dissipating, particularly after running two of the pre-set 35-minute cycles.  “At first, the sound of the Relaxis pad surprised me and my symptoms didn’t go away entirely, but they did lessen and become more tolerable.”

After her third night using Relaxis, Mindi stopped having complete RLS attacks. Today, she says, “If I lay down at night, I’ll feel the sensations of RLS starting, but they stop. I haven’t had a full-blown RLS attack in months. In fact, using Relaxis is very relaxing… for me, it overrides the pain of RLS. So when I’m using Relaxis, it actually feels good to my legs.”

Mindi’s a grateful and enthusiastic supporter of Relaxis who credits the technology with “giving her her life back”:

“Relaxis has been a lifesaver for my RLS and has really enhanced the quality of my life,” she says.  “Today, I can fly for work. I can go to a movie, or sit on the couch and watch a TV show with my husband – things I could never do before without feeling the discomfort of my RLS.  It’s been great.

“People need to know there’s an alternate way to treat RLS – you don’t need to take medication. You can treat it with Relaxis, which is a non-medication device. It works. With Relaxis, you really can get help for RLS without drugs,” Mindi says.

– Mindi T. (Utah)