Relaxis provides vibratory counterstimulation. When Relaxis is activated, the vibration interrupts an RLS episode by overwhelming the unpleasant sensations. The nerves in your legs are stimulated with real sensory signals, similar to if you were moving your legs to get relief. The difference is that you can remain lying down; Relaxis does all the work. After 30 minutes, Relaxis gradually ramps down and then shuts off on its own as you continue resting.

Relaxis is easy to use. It is available in both electrical plug-in and battery versions. Whenever you feel your RLS symptoms starting, simply place Relaxis under your legs where you feel the greatest discomfort. Activate Relaxis by pressing the “Power” button on the controller, and choose a vibration intensity. Then, lie back and let Relaxis do the work. After 30 minutes of soothing vibration, Relaxis will gradually ramp down and shut off on its own.

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“If people haven’t had RLS, they don’t understand. You’ll want to try anything. Relaxis’ pulsating overrode the feeling of motion inside my leg. IT WAS GREAT. It’s still my new best friend.”

Jasmine R., Indiana