I’ve had Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) for more than 40 years.

Having Restless Legs causes a lot of anxiety.  You’re always so frightened that your legs are going to act up.  When you tell people you have Restless Legs, they don’t understand that although it’s not a pain in the normal definition, RLS is an intolerable sensation that can drive you insane.

Once an RLS attack starts, I have to move my legs to get relief, but it only helps for about 30 seconds, so I have to start moving my legs again and again.  Every time it happens, you wonder, “is it going to be a good night or a bad night?”

My life started to be centered around my RLS; every decision was based on the time of day and what I was going to be doing.  Because sitting is the worst position for me, driving and flying were both terrible.  I rarely ate in restaurants, because if I had an attack I’d have to get up every few minutes and walk around, and I hadn’t attended a movie in decades.

I was in my 20s when I first went to the doctor for my symptoms.  He wasn’t familiar with RLS, so I was told I was just experiencing “stress” and that I needed to learn how to relax.  My physician prescribed Codeine to help me sleep, and since then I’ve taken a lot of other medications to treat my RLS attacks, including Gabapentin, Clonazepam, and Pramipexole.

I initially felt some relief from these medications, but I still had RLS episodes and I became more and more concerned about possible side effects from taking all these drugs. Some of the medications eventually stopped working, and they never did address the anxiety I felt from worrying about the next RLS attack.  I also tried alternative treatments, including hot baths, hand-held massagers, even expensive experimental Botox injections in my legs, but nothing provided permanent relief from my RLS.

Recently, my life got a lot better, when I asked my doctor about Relaxisthe first and only FDA-cleared non-medication solution to improve the quality of sleep in primary RLS patients.

I wanted to try Relaxis because I wanted to reduce the medications I was taking to fight off RLS attacks.  I thought if I could get the same results without taking the medications and their side effects, that would be a success.

When I first began using Relaxis, I felt my symptoms decreasing, although they were not eliminated altogether.  After trying Relaxis for about two weeks, I went from an estimated two to three RLS episodes a week, to having NO episodes at all.

Now, whenever I feel a possible RLS attack beginning, I activate my Relaxis pad and place it under my legs.  I especially appreciate the device’s variable controls, which allow me to adjust the vibration intensity to the level I feel is best to counteract each RLS attack.

Since first trying Relaxis, I’ve been able to stop every RLS attack in its tracks, and today, I’m slowly but surely reducing my medications under my doctor’s supervision, with a goal of eventually weaning off of them altogether.

With Relaxis, I am a new person. I feel wonderful.  Relaxis has given me my life back.  I don’t have that feeling of anxiety about my Restless Legs any more, and I haven’t cried about my RLS in a long time.  With Relaxis, I am getting relief.  And I’m so grateful to the company for making this device.

– Gayle S. (Anchorage, AK)